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Secure The Offer with Wasim

Professional, rigorous and tailored coaching from an ex-MBB and ex-Bulge Bracket interview coach. Be as prepared as you can be for your consulting or financial services industry interview.

£150 Per Coaching Session

Why Coaching?

Securing an offer from a top tier consultancy or financial institution is challenging. These organisations run a very rigorous interview process - alongside fit questions interviews can feature data interpretation exercises, market sizing questions and multi-part case problems.

You will also be competing against the best candidates, the majority of whom will be using professional coaching to maximise their chances of securing an offer. Personalised sessions from someone with first-hand experience will ensure you are fully prepared and extremely competitive.


My Career


A former Boston Consulting Group and Oliver Wyman consultant with extensive experience working in financial services. I currently work in impact investing with CDC Group, a development finance institution.


My Coaching Experience

An experienced coach having coached 200+ candidates. Highly rated on top coaching platforms such as, and


My Candidate Success

My candidates have secured offers from consulting firms such as McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Bain and from top financial institutions such as American Express, Capital One and others.

My Coaching Services

For Consulting Interviews

Coaching is centred around live case simulations. I draw from a comprehensive library of case studies to train candidates on all aspects required for success - case structuring, market sizing, data and chart interpretation, case leadership and more. To tackle any specific weakness I use targeted exercises and drills.

For Financial Services Industry Interviews

Interviews with financial institutions typically involve a case that tests a candidate's understanding of the sector in addition to testing the traditional case principles. I use financial sector specific cases and frameworks to maximise your chance of securing an offer. Our coaching sessions will also cover industry trends, business models, financial statements and more.

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