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Consulting Interviews

I recommend candidates prepare for consulting interviews in three stages. First, focus on fundamentals. Second, crack the case. Finally, sprint to interview.

Focus On Fundamentals

Begin your journey by getting to grips with maths, market sizing exercises and frameworks. All three are foundational to cracking the case

  • Maths: It is common for candidates to find their maths skills have deteriorated since school. This is largely due to a reliance on excel and calculators. I work with candidates to raise their ability to the level expected in interviews.

  • Market Sizing: Case interviews often involve a market sizing exercise, either standalone or embedded within a longer case. It tests a candidate’s maths, logic and ability to structure. I teach the principles to tackle market sizing questions.

  • Frameworks: Learning the established business frameworks is essential. This forms your well of knowledge that you will dip into for cracking the case. There is plenty of literature on the internet on and I guide candidates to the best resources.

Crack The Case

Once comfortable with the fundamentals, it's time to move onto full cases. There is no substitute for live case practice - enlist family, friends and other interview candidates to do full cases.

To monitor progress and obtain actionable feedback, I recommend candidates supplement their live case practice with periodic coaching. I have a large case library I draw upon to ensure my candidates are trained in all types of cases - profitability, market entry, cost, M&A and more.

Sprint To Interview

For the final sprint it’s time to pivot your preparation into the following

  • Structuring Drills: Focus on the structuring part of cases only. The aim is to get exposure to as many different types of cases as possible, to minimise the chance of being surprised in the actual interview. I have many structuring drills that I go through with candidates.

  • Fit Interview Questions: Craft your stories for the typical fit questions asked in consulting interviews. "Tell me about yourself", "Why consulting?", "Describe a time you failed what you learnt from it", etc.

  • Mock Interview: Coaching finishes with a mock interview that simulates the real interview, featuring both fit questions and a full case.

Candidate Feedback

★★★★★ - Joe

"Wasim was absolutely fantastic. The practice went as such - (1) Baselined where I was using two quick diagnostic tests (2) We did a live case practice (3) He provided comprehensive feedback including frameworks, strengths & weaknesses, and business vocabulary fine-tuning. 100% recommend to anyone."

★★★★★ - Rocio

"Thank you, Wasim for the insights on my case! We worked together on a written case and his recommendations and how to structure the case were extremely valuable. Thank you!"

★★★★★ - Angus

"Wasim has a well-designed and thought out coaching approach, very attentive, detailed and precise. He plays the interviewer role perfectly, and it really felt like I was in the interview. He challenges you in the right way to take your case interview skills to the next level. He takes the time to know you and probes you during the interview to make sure your weak points are addressed. His feedback points were clear and showed clear step by step examples of how to do things better. Highly recommended, well done Wasim."

★★★★★ - Claudia

"Wasim was a great coach! He helped me specifically to tackle my weaknesses and gave me very good tips to improve them. You can tell how experienced he is in Consulting and as a Coach. Thank you Wasim!"

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